Please follow these simple steps to submit your code. 

 YOU MUST LOGIN FIRST. After LOGIN you will get a full User Menu.


Click on Submit program link to post your program.


Enter the title for the program. Recommended to use capital letter for each word starting alphabet.


Copy and Paste your program in the editor main body. After writing program, please write "OUTPUT" as heading and paste your output of the program.


Save your program. 


        That's it. Your program will be checked by the admins and publish in main site with in few hours. Please feel free to contact the admin at contact form in your user menu or mail at


Happy Coding :)

How to submit program programming9

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This video guide is helpful for the video downloading lovers. It explains two methods to download videos from YouTube, single video download from YouTube and Multiple videos at a time download. It is possible to download the entire video playlist from YouTube or specific videos directly to your computer with few clicks. watch the video for more information.

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This simple video guide explains how to create shortcut icons on Ubuntu desktop 12.04. It is simple operation of drag and drop unlike Ubuntu 14.04 or latest versions.

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Creating shortcuts of various files and folders is tedious task in Ubuntu 14.04 or later versions. In the previous versions of Ubuntu OS, It is just like a drag and drop. This video demonstrates how to create shortcuts on UBUNTU Operating System Desktop.

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It is very easy to install google drive on Windows OS, but not possible in UBUNTU. Here are few commands to make that task easier for UBUNTU Linux users. 

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:thefanclub/grive-tools
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install grive-tools

Execute the above commands one by one in the terminal to make the installation success. If you want to see the video demonstration, watch this video.

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Today, thousands of videos are available in different social sharing websites. It is always hard to store those videos with large quantities of size in our system or mobile. This video demonstrates about the video compression with out losing quality for different devices like tablet, android devices, the compression is possible by changing the audio quality and video frame size. So let us see how is it possible to compress videos using "handbreak" opensource software.

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